Pressure Washing Service

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Are the concrete areas around your home looking dirty, stained, graying or discolored? Then it is time to clean, brighten and return the curb appeal to all your concrete areas. Since concrete is naturally porous and gets direct exposure from the elements / pollutants that build up over time, it becomes dirtier, darker and overrun with mildew, algae and fungus.

This makes your concrete not only unsightly and unhealthy but can pose safety issues as well. Once the surfaces become wet they can become very slippery and lead to slips, falls and injuries. Not only is this a physical hazard but also can become a potential liability concern for the homeowner.

I use the following process for pressure washing my customers concrete.

- pre-treating of all concrete to help    eliminate mildew, algae and fungus
- use of professional surface cleaner / degreaser to pressure wash entire suface
- low pressure rinse of entire surface to remove dirt and grime
- post treat application to aid in further eliminating mildew, algae, fungus and help to whiten or brighten concrete

Pressure washing concrete areas on a regular maintenance schedule will help eliminate the unsightly dark stains and keep mildew, algae and fungus problems at a minimum. 

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